Due to Covid-19 there won’t be a Happy Camp until further notice.

The Happy Camp

The Happy Camp is a 6-day learning retreat for young women (age 16-24), where participants get to explore different principals of happiness through fun and exciting activities. It’s a camp for self-development! You will get to challenge yourself in new and creative ways. Your days will be filled with lazy mornings, delicious food, group gatherings, organized activities and relaxing free time. Our camp is, in other words, a combination of an active vacation and an intensive happiness course. At the end of the week, you will have learned ways to create more happiness for yourself, others, animals and the planet. Which then, you will have the opportunity to graduate as a Happiness Ambassador.

Our Philosophy

Happiness is a state of mind, but it’s not a static condition. The Happiness Company believes that when people are given the right tools and create a strong foundation of positivity, they will know have to get out of any misery, challenge or tough situation. They will know how to always come back to a state of pride, confidence and being themselves. Our philosophy is that when people are in the present moment, everything is available to them. Their creativity, their intelligence, the full range of their emotions – are all available. And, so you can choose. You can choose to be the better person, to yourself, to others and to the world. This is where change happens!

You are the creator of your life! You can create the life you want! You can make a difference!

This leads to less crime, less violence, less fear, less loneliness, less depression and anxiety, less bullying, less suffering. We will have a happier and more thriving society! When you are truly happy, you will also want others to feel the same. Our philosophy is that being happy, is a continual process and the journey towards happiness is its own reward.


Our camp base is located in the beautiful rural areas outside of Kongsberg, Norway. Only one-and-a-half-hour drive from Oslo, you will find the quiet and peaceful countryside, with plenty of distance between farms. The camp will take place on a farm adjacent to the Numedalslågen river, overseen by a majestic mountain forest. This farm has been in the family since before the 14th century, and holds dogs, cats, horses and parrots, and have fields that grow different types of vegetables. It has a big farm house, with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 kitchens, and a stabbur with several sleeping possibilities.

The cabin is part of the farm’s 450 hectares, and is nestled in the spruce forest overlooking a beautiful mountain lake where there is access to boats, hot tub, and a gapahuk. It’s a small cozy cabin that allows for a reconnection with nature.

Høyt og Lavt is a climbing park located nearby the farm. It’s Scandinavia’s biggest climbing park, well known for its zip line across the Numedalslågen river. They offer individualized activities for all skill levels.

Borrehaugene forms part of the Borre National Park, and is home to the most extensice collection of king’s graves in Scandinavia. Outside of its historical teachings, the park has a powerful spiritual experience, because of the conservation of the century old trees and surrounding nature.

Tønsberg is a perfect summer city to visit, with it’s harbor, shopping treats, cozy cafés and its buzzling summer life.

Happy Camp Activities

  • Team building in a climbing park
  • Cooking classes where you learn to make healthy and good vegan food
  • Yoga and other forms of physical activities
  • Jumping in the ocean and tanning on the beach
  • Learning mindfulness and meditation at a beautiful cabin in the forest
  • Explore a Viking-park and its exciting nature phenomena
  • Get through a digital detox
  • Visit an organic berry farm
  • Use our creativity through painting, role playing and much more
  • Hanging out with animals of different kind
  • Discover the silence and peace the Norwegian countryside has to offer
  • Enjoy each other’s company and conversations


Happy Camp is proud to announce that this year’s camp will be a part of a research project regarding self-empowerment and health promotion, presented by the University of Oslo Met.

The purpose with this research is to evaluate the change in coping skills and quality of life in young people. Participation is voluntary, but for those who do partake; know that you are adding to the future of more holistic care and help for youth your age.

Personal confidentiality will of course be granted. The Happiness Company knows how much this camp can mean to our participants quality of life, and is excited to make this collaboration so that others may duplicate our successes.

Happy Camp Details

For who?

Young women age 16 – 24


Early Bird (before 1st of July)
Individual (per person) – 5900 kr.
With a friend (per person) – 5500 kr.

Full Price
Individual (per person) – 6900 kr.
With a friend (per person) – 5900 kr.


Hvambsida 638, 3618 Skollenborg, Norway




Phone: +4791118813

About The Happiness Company AS

The Happiness Company is a company that provides counseling, courses, workshops and camps/retreats on health, happiness and functional living. Our company puts its emphasis on educating, training and supporting people into becoming the best version of themselves. Our staff comes from many different backgrounds and disciplines, that gives us the ability to confidently guide others on their way to a happier life. We’re a unique company that is dedicated to bringing more happiness to the world through our activities and services. In many ways we are more a movement than a company. A movement of Happiness!

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